In the land of XSS ‘possibly safe’ means ‘exploitable’

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XSS (or cross-site scripting) is an attack found in web applications, where malicious people try to inject data into websites in order to steal sensitive data. Despite efforts to decrease the opportunities it still is one of the most used attacks.

Detectify posted an XSS challenge related to a real case they found. The challenge, called “twins of ten”, checks every input and only allows 10 characters per input. To make the challenge even more fun they also required that the solution works with the chrome XSS auditor. This tool is used in Chrome to combat XSS exploits at the users side.

In the challenge one need to break the following php script (which emulates the found issue):

$q = urldecode($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);
$qs = explode('&', $q);
$qa = array();
$chars = 0;
foreach($qs as $q) {
	$q = explode('=', $q);
	$s = implode('=', $q);
	if(strlen($s) > 10) continue;
	$chars += strlen($s);
	$qa[] = $s;
foreach($qa as $q) {
	echo "<0123$q><b x=\"x\">foo</b></0123$q>";
echo '<!-- '.$chars.' chars long -->';

…