PatrolServer 1.0.2

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At PatrolServer, we aim for continued innovation. Today I’m pleased to announce that, with the release of PatrolServer 1.0.2, we’re a step closer to our goal. No server should be left with outdated software.

Past month has been incredible for us here at PatrolServer. We’re a little over one month in public beta, and the response from you all has been overwhelming! As most have noticed, we took the time to listen to you all and implemented the most requested features. We enjoyed all of your participation and feedback! Keep it coming. Together, we can make PatrolServer even greater.

Get a quick overview of all your server statuses

For those who have a large amount of servers in their list, it can get messy to get a quick overview of those who are vulnerable. We implemented a red dot indicator to note the user that this particular server is not safe. This small change required us to work on performance. You’ll see the benefits in better performance!

We now support cPanel

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website. We updated our scanner and now check for cPanel. If your instance becomes outdated, it will also be shown in the solutions list of your server (together with a nice guide on how to update your cPanel instance).

Revamped the pricing page and implemented payments

For those who want a little more, we now fully support payments through Stripe. Our pricing page is now much more clear, and you’ll know perfectly what you get. Check it out at

Quick note: Every current user will keep his servers added in our beta period, completely free!

Improved security measurements

By now, it’s pretty clear we give a large priority to security. The sign-in process is now throttled, this means when someone enters wrong credentials several times, that particular user won’t be able to login for some time afterwards. This is mainly another step to guarantee the safety of our users.

As always, keep your feedback coming. We absolutely love it!

The PatrolServer team.

Full changelog:

  • Invitation system (you can now invite your friends and get free servers)
  • Stats page now holds the top 50.000 Alexa results
  • FAQ rewritten with more common questions and answers
  • Mini scanner for BIND (
  • Mini scanner for cPanel (
  • SSL / HTTPS only
  • Huge performance boost by using caches
  • Bugfix: the character “-” was stripped from the domain name
  • SEO improvements
  • Bugfix: scrollbar issue on Chrome
  • Bugfix: last server was not visible in Firefox on smaller screens
  • Improved initial loading time
  • New pricing page
  • Pricing mechanism is now operational in the app
  • Login throttling
  • Support for cPanel
  • Quick overview in the server list (vulnerable / safe)
  • Password forgotten feature

As a final note, I’d like to announce several new exciting tools for developers. You will be able to integrate with PatrolServer in the next iteration cycle. We will provide a fully functional developers API together with some other tools. More to come soon, so stay tuned!