Introducing the API

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Great news for all developers out there.

At PatrolServer, it is our mission to make sure no outdated server exists. As of today, we officially open our developers API to everyone who has an account on our service. Current users on free plans are also able to integrate with our API, in short: everyone can integrate with the magical experience of PatrolServer.

    "goal": "build cool stuff!"

Enter the developer area!

But, an API, why?

The possibilities are endless, top of my head, a few examples:

  • When your node modules become outdated, automatically execute the command npm update and you’ll never have to do it manually again.
  • Integrate with a server management tool like cPanel, and get a live status of your server software versions.
  • Send a text message whenever your server becomes outdated (probably something we could offer in the future).
  • Create your own scanning tool like the one we published on Github, and take full control.
  • Let creativity go crazy.

What with the future?

Look, we believe APIs will become more dynamic and task-oriented in the future. It makes sense to use data from others just because they’re so good at that particular field. Same as us, PatrolServer, strives to be the best at detecting outdated software and informing users about it.

The first major enhancement we got planned is the support of webhooks. Imagine a seamless integration with services like IFTTT, how cool would that be? Very.

We’re very thrilled to see what others will do with our API. Go ahead, it’s yours!