Support for npm modules

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Today we’re very happy to announce that from now on, we’ll support npm modules.

We are following the Node.js ecosphere closeby. It is not only a thriving community, but the growth since 2009 has been phenomincal. With npm as main package manager, it is a easy as npm install grunt to install something as awesome as grunt.

Also keeping it secure or updated isn’t hard. Just run npm outdated and you magically see all outdated packages. When the correct semver versions are used, a npm update later, you are updated and secure.

Though many systems have outdated node modules. Not because it is hard. Not because it cause breakage. Just because you don’t manually verify if everything is up to date. We, as PatrolServer, want to make the invisible visible. Notify you when new updates for modules come available. Make sure you have the security updates installed.

How? Run our PatrolServer BashScanner client. It runs read-only on your server and checks current installed software against the newest software. After install you can opt for adding it as cron. And now you will get notified daily if something is outdated.

Combine this with our API and the sky is the limit. For example, with jenkins and automatic testing, the updated node module can be tested and integrated into your codebase, fully automated and fully tested without a touch of a finger.

We are glad to welcome the NPM family to PatrolServer.