Filter unwanted solution cards

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Today we’re releasing the Ignore functionality for your solution cards. That means you can take full control over what type of solutions you’d like to see. Just as importantly, you can now report false positives where needed.

Hide cards you no longer want to see

Imagine you would like to hide the WordPress update card like the one above. All it takes is a simple click on the Ignore button, and it will take you to a wizard-style menu where you can add constraints about ignoring that particular card.

It is possible to hide the card forever, or you can tell the filter to hide just that particular version (note, if a new version of the software gets released, the card will be visible again).

View hidden cards

When you’ve hidden solution cards, they are not really gone. As the word describes, they are just hidden. When one or more cards are no longer visible, an option will be shown to view your hidden cards. They’re present in the same format as regular ones.

If you no longer want a filter to be applied, take a look at the Filters view where you can remove your active filters.

Until next time with a new awesome feature!